Investing for Sustainability and Praxis

Kuttanad Bio-Sanctuary (K-Bio-Sanctuary) is a Farming Community Cluster (FCC) having 50 plus acres of Paddy Land situated 3 Km from Changanacherry adjacent to the AC (Alleppey-Changanacherry) Road. 

Farming Community Cluster (FCC) is a model farming of sustainable agriculture for the Kuttanad area and a challenge of “Living with Water”. Farming Community Cluster (FCC) nurture the four axis of Sustainable Goals (1) to conserve the PLANET, environment and its biodiversity for future generations; (2) that the entreprises and farming are essentially beneficial for the PEOPLE and the socially relevant; (3) that the enterprises and farming are to be economically viable to make PROSPERITY (profit); and (4) it supports the drive and innovation for technological disruption to make the resources of nature in PLENITUDE for abundance.

K- Bio-Sanctuary is prototyped firstly, as an eco- friendly campus that efficiently takes and manages available local resources in a sustainable manner. Secondly, it is a re-skilling facility for promoting better life styles. This 50 plus acres of land runs on an Integrated Resources Praxis (IRP) and is managed by a socially enlightened and environmentally conscious organization. 

Envisioned as a re-education facility for the people to improve and rejuvenate their lives, the K-Bio-Sanctuary advocates, supports and enlightens involving community, the issues related to the overuse of the planet‘s resources and retells the human responsibility towards the ecosystem as we are it’s stewards only.

K-Bio-Sanctuary Envisages to Make:

  1. A Sustainable Community
  2. A Learning Community
  3. A Go-Green Community
  4. A Responsible Community
  5. An Art Loving Community
  6. A Wellness Conscious Community
  7. A Sportive Community
  8. A Building Community
  9. A Rejuvenating Community

Promoted by Central Chambers , this project is owned and managed by a group of businesses and the farming community under the leadership of Mr. Tom C. Vadayil, Tom Pipes.