One - Stop - Solution

Central Travancore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Central Chambers) launch “WealthCare”, a one-stop-solution for all matters related to property/immovable asset management. WealthCare makes it distinctive as a pioneer facility for the management of the possessions of the Non – Resident Keralites (NRK).

WHO - Owns And Manages

Central Travancore Chamber of Commerce and Industry
(Regn. No. PTM/TC/206/2019),
a registered society Owns and Manages.
WealthCare and its facility.

Central Travancore being the epicenter of wealth of all kinds, be it in the form of immovable landed properties or fixed deposits in banks etc. Vast areas of land owned are either inherited from ancestors or purchased using hard earned money. The common issues and trends that make the Chamber’s role relevant are:

  • Change of culture from Joint families to Micro family
  • Next generation’s lack of interest family business
  • Idle assets & Estates
  • Effort taken to process documents
  • Lack of information of assets inherited
  • Time availability
  • Lack of reliable sources

In view of the foregoing, the Central Chamber thought it prudent to reach out in the form of a ‘controlled intervention’. Controlled intervention means a restricted interference maintain utmost sensitivity, confidentiality within a trusted closed circuit of expert hands, wherein you can raise your concern to our Core Team who will service your request. All these services would carry a service charge.

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